Starpath Radar Trainer 3
Converts your computer into a realistic interactive radar simulator, with in-line tutorials and now with realistic land simulation.
Starpath Weather Trainer Live
State of the art, interactive weather training resource and service.
Starpath Training Pak
Contains Radar Trainer, Weather Trainer, and Chart Trainer in one package... as used at the US Naval Academy.
Starpath Bowditch Plus! v5
A complete, super-convenient navigator's reference library on one DVD. Includes over $3000 worth of documents in ebook format.
Captains Examiner
Practice USCG deck exams. Custom design tests. Monitor your progress.
Starpath Engineering Examiner
All six books of engineering exam questions on one CD.
Starpath Engineers Library
More than 40 volumes of books and self-study courses on all aspects of marine engineering.
Starpath Perpetual Almanac
Complete Nautical Almanac data from 1582-2100
Coastal Weather for British Columbia Mariners CD ROM
An extensive multimedia presentation of BC weather from Environment Canada.
The State of the Art Solution to Navigation Computations for Celestial Navigation and Coastal Piloting. Available for PCs and for TI graphing calculators
Starpilot Calculator Software
Software available for the TI-89

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