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StarPilot Software for TI Calculators

...these are optional items related to the StarPilot celestial navigation calculators. The full product (software loaded and initialized into a TI-Titanium calculator) is available at StarPilot calculators.
StarPilot TI program

The opportunity to download the StarPilot calculator software is a powerful feature of the program design but this option may not be suitable to all users. It is intended for those already familiar with TI calculators and the process of loading programs into them. 

We do not provide technical support on the installation of calculator software.

We do offer the option of sending us your calculator. We will install the correct software version and return your calculator for a service fee of $25 plus shipping. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to do this.

This does not mean you should not try downloading yourself if it is a convenient option for you. Very specific instructions are available.

You can read through the calculator installation instructions here to help make your decision.

If you already have a TI calculator and want the StarPilot program to load into it, it is available here as a download. (We do not sell CD versions of the calculator software. If you want a backup of the program, simply copy the file that you download.)

On the StarPilot documentation page you can also download the complete printable PDF manual. It includes a complete index and is fully searchable. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

How to get started
Step 1. Have the appropriate TI Connect software and cable to load it from your computer into your TI 89, 92+, or Voyage 200 calculator. The download links for individual calculators are listed below. For the TI-89-Titanium model a standard mini USB to standard USB cable can be used.  For the older TI-89 version, this cable is called the Ti Graphlink USB (94327). The GraphLink cable works with the Titanium model as well as the 92+ and V200. Both USB and GraphLink cables are often available from local office supply stores.

Step2. Download Starpilot Software and install on your calculator using TI Connect. See Calculator Installation Instructions. Do not purchase the software until you have completed this and obtain the CODE:

Then purchase a serial number from Starpath that is needed to activate the program in your calculator.

Step 3. Register online. You will receive a KEY that unlocks the software on the calculator.

Please remember we do not offer tech support on the installation into your calculator. If you have a calulator and want us to install the StarPilot for you, then send it to us and we will do the installation and return it do you for the price of the software plus a $25 service fee. Contact us by phone or email if you would like to do this.

Please be sure to download StarPilot and install the program to obtain your CODE before purchasing from this page. Thanks.

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StarPilot-89 download, $129

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