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Emergency Navigation Online Home Study Course

A complete course on making the most of what you might have for navigation, after the loss of all or part of your standard tools.

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This course covers all aspects of navigation with limited instruments and aids or none at all. It is intended for power, sail, or paddle driven vessels, or even back-country travelers indeed, many if not most of the techniques are much easier on land than they are at sea.

All of the background knowledge and procedures that were assumed or taken for granted in our other courses must now be mastered. Without our conventional instruments, we must get by on our knowledge alone.

This course assumes some basic nav skills such as reading and plotting Lat and Lon on a chart or plotting sheet, plotting courses using range and bearing and so on. Speed-time-distance computations are also used. There is some short practice of this in Lesson 1. We also introduce and practice with Pilot charts in that Lesson.

In a sense, "emergency navigation" can be thought of as "advanced navigation," in that we expect to know the basics (which we review in this course), and then expand these to cover special cases, and to solve problems when some or all of our customary tools are missing.

The structure of this course follows the text Emergency Navigation by David Burch. Each chapter is a lesson in which we work out examples of the procedures discussed and in some cases prove general statements made without proof in the book.

Starpath School of Navigation has remained the world leader in this subject for over 30 years.

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Emergency Navigation more info...
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Emergency Navigation
The Star Finder Book

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