Selected Starpath products qualify for free WebCards

To participate in the Starpath Online Discussion Groups and Resources you need a Starpath WebCard. You qualify for a FREE card with past or future purchases of products listed beside each card or you can purchase a card directly if you do not have a qualifying serial number. Other products that offer WebCards are listed in the catalog.

1 month free
Engineer's Library
Perpetual Almanac
Any Sextant

3 months free
• Radar Trainer
• Chart Trainer
• Bowditch Plus!
• Engineer Examiner

6 months free
Onboard Courses
• StarPilot
• Fischer Barometer

12 months free
• Weather Trainer
• Online Courses

Buy a card online NOW

If you want to take an online course you do not need to purchase this card separately. Twelve months access is provided when you enroll in any course..

Crew Card...... $19
(Item 1901, 1mo access)

Skipper Card... $29
(Item 1902, 3mo access)

Navigator Card $49
(Item 1903, 6mo access)

Masters Card... $69
(Item 1904 12mo access)


After your purchase has been processed, you will be emailed a serial number for the WebCard. With that number, you can Proceed to Registration. The correct link for registration will also be included with your email.