Electronic Delivery Option

Most Starpath training software can be delivered by electronic download. This is an efficient and cost effective delivery method. The download prices are sometimes less than the packaged products, and you also save shipping and handling costs. There are no delays. You can be up and running in minutes. Options are listed below with estimated file sizes. The downloaded products include the identical content as provided in the packaged products.


(1) Purchase the software from column (1) below, which will provide your serial number as soon as the transaction is approved.

(2) After you receive your serial number, return to this page and download the software from column (2) below to a place you can find on your computer..

(3) Click the downloaded install program, which will generate the product CODE that is unique to your computer. Use that CODE and your serial number to register the product. The registration process provides the numeric KEY that unlocks the program in your computer. The installer offers a direct link to the registration page, or your can register at www.starpath.com/register.

(4) With the KEY in hand, return to the installation program and enter your KEYin step 4 to complete the installation. The install window may be hidden below other windows on your screen at the time. Or just restart the install process and you will come back to the window asking for the KEY.

You do not need to worry about making a backup copy of the program—you can just download another copy from the llink below if you need it, which will assure you that you always have the latest version.

Read about the packaged product

(1) Purchase download version

(2) Download product
(all software requires Windows)

Radar Trainer



(20 Mb)




(0.4 Mb)

Engineering Examiner



(14 Mb)

Captains Examiner



(5 Mb)

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