A comprehensive comparison

Use of the Air Almanac for Marine Navigation
by David Burch

ISBN 9780914025658
6" x 9", 62 pages.
Starpath Publications, 2019.

$12.99   ...item# 5182P

This book is intended for readers who are either already familiar with celestial navigation or are planning to take up the subject, and want to learn about optional resources. This booklet does not teach celestial navigation, nor is it a copy of the Air Almanac.

There are marine navigators who prefer the Air Almanac over the Nautical Almanac. This booklet compares the two almanacs so others can make their choice as well.

Also included is an in-depth explanation with examples on how to use the Sky Diagrams to choose the best triad of celestial bodies for a round of sextant sights. This is a crucial step for an accurate cel nav fix, and these diagrams are the best way to manually make that selection. Results are compared with Pub 249 Vol 1 and 2102-D Star Finder solutions.

The 2020 Air Almanac is available online at no charge.

Note the UK version of the Air Almanac does not include the Sky Diagrams nor the star maps.


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