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Please note this is an e-book, designed to be read from the computer screen. IT CANNOT BE PRINTED.

Anyone interested in the history of navigation or seafaring in general will be fascinated for hours with this book! We are very pleased to have transformed this wonderful book from very rare and very expensive to readily available and affordable. We hope you enjoy it.

All 700 pages have been hand scanned and processed into a crisp easy to read format. We have indexed the book for quick navigation by adding bookmarks to all the major sections, but more important, we have generated a method of searching the full book for any word or phrase. Want to learn about "Double Altitude Sights," just click open the Search_Bowditch file, type in Double Altitude, and you will go one by one, straight to all references to that topic.

You can see the contents pages from the link above. The first page of the contents gives a grand overview of its contents in the language of the time.... more than a decade before the Civil War. Of particular note is the Practice Voyage from Boston to Madeira. There is more than enough data there to carry out the same navigation with modern methods as a realistic practice exercise. You can also use the Starpath Perpetual Almanac to compare astro data from the 1851 data with what we can compute today.

There is also an extended discussion of Lunar Distance measurements and analysis. And, again, you can compare these results with what you compute using the modern Stark Tables.

See Contents and Reviews links above for more info.

If you would like to see this book in full, contact your public library. Starpath will donate a free copy of the e-book to any public library that requests one. Just print this form (library request form) and take it to your library.

Please see the Contents and Reviews links above for more details about this product.

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