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(1) Interactive chart viewer (Best starting point for RNC, ENC, or pdf)

(2) Download individual ENC (by chart number)

(3) Download individual RNC (by chart number)

(4) Download ENC regions (by state or USCG district)

(5) Download RNC regions (by state or USCG district)

(6) ENC seamless Online Viewer (interactive ENC)

(7) RNC seamless Online Viewer (Ending Oct 1, 2021)

(8) View single RNC (select region, then chart by number or name)

(9) Catalogs of Paper Charts by Region (pdf versions)

(10) Printable pdf chart booklets (interesting)

(11) MACHC Online Viewer (same as 6, for a few foreign charts)

(12) List of all RNC with latest editions (with a quick view of each)

(12a) List of all ENC with latest editions

(12c) New interactive way to overview weekly ENC updates (instructions)

(12d) Progress with the new ENC re-scheming plan

(12e) Where to report charting errors to NOAA


* * * Other Nautical Charts * * *

(13) Army Corps of Engineers Inland Charts (iENC) River charts.

  ENC free downloads.   Paper editions to purchase.

(14) Read about DNC charts, the electronic vector charts (not available to the public) based on earlier NGA charts, are mostly ocean and international waters. They are not compliant with ENC, although they meet ECDIS display standards in the software capable of showing them. The NGA is in the process of converting all DNC to ENC, which will then replace DNC. DNC chart numbers and coverage areas do not correspond to NGA paper counterparts.

(15) NGA paper charts. These that are available to the public are an anomaly in the nautical chart world, being now the remnants of the once updated NGA (DMA) paper charts of international waters. There are thousands of these still available from NOAA print-on-demand outlets at normal chart prices, but these are now some 30 years out of date, which is not noted prominently on most outlets. Aids on them are likely changed (check with NGA Light Lists) but they could still be useful for navigation with caution. Chart No. 1 does have a column for unique symbols on these charts, but again they are very old and may not apply. Here is one functional graphic index we have found. They typically cost a bit less than official updated charts, but it could be worth checking what else is available.

(16)  Canada Canadian Charts

Dates of latest editions: [ENC] [RNC/paper]

(17) International charts available: IHO Chart Catalogs

(17a) IHO links to individual nation's chart programs

(18) Links to Hydrographic Offices that produce nautical charts

(19) An easy to use commercial outlet to international charts from many different sources    ChartWorld

(20) Unique source of official charts for OpenCPN only.

(21) Practice with the new Printable NCC charts. By Jan 2024, this will be the only type of printed chart available. The conversion process has already begun. The NCC app is still in development, but we anticipate that by the time this is all we have, the end product will be superior to the traditional paper charts we now use.