Number 29       March 1, 2024
Starpath Newsletter wandering off into the blogosophere
Number 28       December ,
Annotated NavRules now available as free online resource
Starpath Sailor's Log
New Monthly Nav Quiz
New freeware index and Facebook news
Can an iPad push your laptop off the chart table?
Can exceptional behavior be considered ordinary?
Starpath on Facebook
Starpath ebooks on Mac and eReaders
Number 27       December ,
Down for some time on Wed July 13
David Burch named FIN
Shortcut to echarts from NOAA
Unique Celestial Navigation Resource
Radar Workbook Special
Caution about commercial echarts
New free all-units converter now available
Chapman School of Seamanship Celestial Courses.
Number 26       December ,
Update on Chinese GPS System
USCG removes all exam questions from public access
Solar flares might lead to visible Northern Lights
Another Starpath Cel Nav Course in Tortola, BVI
Goodbye Loran
International Code of Signals
Cel Nav Classroom course in FL starts Feb 10
Aging QuikSCAT satellite failing
New Bosun's Locker
Great Interveiw with Stan Honey
Hockey Puck now in the catalog
Number 25       December ,
Annapolis Boat Show coming up
Fisher Plaza Fire shuts down Starpath for 2 days
New Captain Bob Canadian Stamp
Dr. Livingson I presume?
New WAAS locator
New! Tidal Currents of Puget Sound
Live ship report service underway
Back to the basics
The best of the best
Number 24       December ,
A series of mistakes
New free service for barometer calibration
Capt Steve Miller promoted to Dean at Chapman's
Navigation in K12 Eduction
Phelps wins race by 0.01 seconds. How much is that?
Leif Karlsen Rememberance
Emergency Navigation, second edtion, Now Available.
A great star map we no longer sell!
NYT features mini computers
Free Navigation Calculators and custom link to NavPubs
National Association of State Boating Law Adminstrators Announces Adoption of Radar For Mariners Textbook
Number 23       December ,
Sail assisted cargo vessels
Cosco Busan navigation errors
NIMA Nav Calculators
Google goes mathematik
Chapman School of Seamanship Celestial Courses.
A great gift for yourself and others
Give the gift of safe, efficient navigation...
Storm warnings are back!
Short link to NGA NIMA Pubs
Printed Marine Weather Service Charts Now Available.
Number 22       December ,
Short link to NGA NIMA Pubs
NOAA Weather Radio online
New book on Oceanography and Seamanship
NOAA Chart Viewer settling in
Elibra Reader 2.0
Compilation of celestial navigation articles
Starpath presents talk on barometers at NWS conference
Number 21       December ,
Compilation of celestial navigation articles
Why we still need to study navigation
Visiting Canadian Waters
Captain Riley in the News
Great Lakes Weather book in last copies
Number 20       December ,
New NWS link on our home page
New portal to nautical chart products
New shortcut to NWS weather page
New World Record for Seattle Rowers
OAR NW doing well in Transatlantic Row Race
Cel Nav course in Seattle
Translations of Emergency Navigation
Number 19       December ,
New Navigation Foundation Newsletter editor
New Vessel Tracking Program
OAR Northwest Seminar
Digital Barometer Discount
Chapman School of Seamanship Celestial Courses.
Heads up for a good barometer check
On board Nav Course still open
Looking for a career at sea?
Windows 98, Gone in June
Bluewater Sailing Goes Electronic
Number 18       December ,
Navigation Foundation News
"New" website for the Ballard Locks
All about ebooks...
Google Earth in a word, amazing!
NOAA digital raster charts now public domain
Engineer's Library Now Available
Enrollment has begun for April Onboard Courses.
Another attack on the National Weather Service
Number 17       December ,
Nautical Almanac gets refraction update
How close is too close?
BC Weather Services pamphlet
Swedish Radar Trainer program
Discussion groups now open to public viewing
Puget Sound Tidal Current Charts
StarPilot updated
New onboard course route
Video on octant use
Radar for Mariners now available
Number 16       December 15, 2003
Emergency Navigation out of print
Sept, 04 Onboard training cruise
New deals on TI-89 calculators
USCG Light Lists now online
Free Interactive Bowditch CD with qualifying orders
elibra ebook program on hold
New Email for Starpath
Number 15       December 15, 2003
JRC offers free Radar Trainer
More sextant work
New calendar function online
Celestial Nav Online course now complete
Cruising Seminars in Seattle and San Francisco
News on electronic charts
Why radar was ruled out of the America's Cup
Viking Navigation Book now available
Online learning coming soon
Number 14       December 15, 2002
An unqualified thumbs-up for Radar Trainer 3
1851 Bowditch Now Available on CD!
Radar Trainer 3 Updated
New USB Cable for StarPilot Users
Underway Navigation Course... to Alaska
Remember the upgrade sections...
Starpath Perpetual Almanac (SPA) now available.
New Addition to our E-Chart Course
Number 13       October 15, 2001
Newsletter back on the air!
All new Radar Trainer 3 now available
StarPilot-PC now available
Nav Rules Plus! available next month
Weather Resources Expanded
DoD Releases Updated GPS Standard
Number 12       May 15, 2001
Special Weekend Marine Weather Course in July
New StarPilot products
Next Free Open House Workshop on Navigation
Seminar on Lunars a lunar success!
Next Planetarium Class open to public
Number 11       December 15, 2000
Great New Topo Map Site
Starpath Cel Nav Course in Bellingham
Mind candy for navigators
Online delivery now available
Boat Show Season Begins...
Number 10       July 15, 2000
Sextant Sights Now Online
New Celestial Navigation Discussion
New Starpath Web Site!
Who Wanted Stout's Book?
New Online Section on Marine Radios
Much News on Chart No.1
Marine Weather Services Charts Online
Number 9       April 15, 2000
Starpath TrueWind program
now available as a free download
New StarPilot version and User's Guide online
"The moon is always lying."
Training Pak, Special Pricing
Vic-Maui Racing Tactics Seminar
Comparison of Celestial Calculators
Number 8       February 15, 2000
Green Flash!
Sextant Practice Classes
Training Pak 2000
It's Italy vs. New Zealand for the America's Cup
StarPilot ver 1.54
New Cross-References for Chart Problems
New Celestial Nav links
Number 7       September 15, 1999
Don't like the weather?
Now you can do something about it.
In the Market for a Sextant?
New Navigation Rules published by USCG
Starpath StarPilot on the launch pad
Number 6       August 15, 1999
We have moved!
New links
US Coast Pilot Updates now Online
New Edition of Kayak Navigation
New Starpath Chart Problems Available
New Resources from NIMA
Attention Great Lakes Mariners...
Number 5       March 15, 1999
Sextant Practice Class Canceled...
Unique Chart deal for NW mariners
NavRules for WinHelp updated
Mahina Cruising Seminars
Some High Seas Radio Stations to Close
Magnetic Variation Computer online
Star Map Crafts Project!
Number 4       October 15, 1998
Voyages of Discovery
Starpath Chart No.1 now shipping
Mahina Cruising Seminars
Bowditch on CD!
Starpath becomes US Sailing affiliate
NWS adds back the 96-hr forecast
Great New Weather Pub from Weather Strategies, Inc.
New Navigation and Weather links
Number 3       February 15, 1998
USCG Changes Web Addresses
Did you know...
Starpath NavRules for WinHelp updated
Number 2       December 15, 1997
How to read weather maps... now online
Christmas shopping?
Is GPS so dependable, after all?
Starpath products for sale online
New Radar School in Seattle
More new From National Weather Service
New Celestial and Weather links pages
Number 1       August 15, 1997
New Nautical Bookstore with Star Finder Bargains
GLONASS: Review and Update
The Lunar Distance Method
AK to Seattle Sail Reinforces Radar Value
News from the NWS
Number 0       December ,
Online Weather Course on the Move
Printed Marine Weather Service Charts Now Available.
Compilation of celestial navigation articles