Seattle, WA   April 12, 2024Number 29

Starpath reaching out...
Starpath Newsletter wandering off into the blogosophere

We are trying an experiment by posting our news in a more public forum with the hopes of reaching out to more readers with a more interactive format.

We still have here the long list of news items we accumulated over the past 12 years or so, and these can be seen in the Sightings Index.

Over time we will go back over what we have here and if still newsworthy we will post an updated version in one of our new outlets.

These include:

Starpath Nav Facebook page

Blog posting of short notes on navigation and weather

Each of these new outlets offers a way to link into them to obtain notice of new content.

And what we hope will be a more engaging feature of this new format, readers now have the opportunity to post questions and comments on our news items. We have some form of this with our Public Discussion Groups, but these new outlets are more public and more readily available.

To post questions and comments on the Facebook pages requires a Facebook account, but this is a simple matter if you do not want to get much involved. Just make up a new email account from say gmail and log in with it. You are not required to do anything more than that, and you may then be surprised at what you find. Many companies are discovering this is a good way to stay in touch with customers and other followers.


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