The purpose of our Sightings Newsletter is to have a place to put items of current interest for quick reference by our web page viewers. There is no fixed update schedule, but we will always add new items to the top of the list. If you make a quick check to the Newsletter on entering our home page, you will see immediately if anything is new. When the list of items gets too long, we will move it to the Index and start a new one.

The Index goes back for several years so you can see what was news in the past. Some of these items may still be of interest, others not. Note that links in older newsletters may not be valid any longer. We try to keep the important links updated in our Resources section.

Be sure to click "Reload" or "Refresh" on your web browser if you do not detect any updates in the Newsletter from the last time you checked it. This will insure that you load the latest page from Starpath and not just reload the copy from your hard-drive cache. This is good procedure to follow when checking any page on the internet that is updated frequently but uses the same name, as is the case, for example, with weather map files from NWS.