Our 3 most popular software programs at one price,
as used by the United States Naval Academy

Starpath Training Pak

Includes the following products:

Weather Trainer Live

Radar Trainer

Chart Trainer

This bundle option is on hold pending new edition of Chart Trainer planned for early 2021.

$   ...item# 1808

Starpath Training Pak
This package of 3 software programs contains Starpath's most popular training programs. It is an updated version of the "Midshipman's Edition" that we first produced for the United States Naval Academy in 1999. There are diverse subjects covered in 3 separate programs. Common among them is their goal to provide easy-to-use training tools that promote safe, efficient navigation at sea.

The full set of software included in the Training Pak sells for $287 when purchased separately. The Pak price of $229 is a savings of $58 (20%) over the individual purchases.

Each product contains its own serial number required for registration. One component of the Weather Trainer is a training service that requires an Internet connection and is valid for 1 year from date of registration. Please refer to the links above to each of the individual products to learn more about them.

System Requirements:
See requirements for individual components.


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