Modern Marine Weather, 3rd edition
by David Burch

From time honored maritime traditions to the latest technology. A highly-recommended text on practical marine weather. Also available in Hardcover.
Weather Workbook
Question and answers and resources on marine weather. Supplement to Modern Marine Weather
Navigation Workbook for Practice Underway
The next step beyond textbook and classroom.
Mariners Pressure Atlas
Worldwide Mean Sea Level Pressures and Standard Deviations for Weather Analysis and Tropical Storm Warning.
Sailors Logbook
Ideal logbook for day sails or ocean passages, racing or cruising.
The Barometer Handbook
by David Burch

An in-depth look at barometers and applications of barometric pressure.
Burch at the Helm
by David Burch

Articles on Navigation and weather from the pages of Blue Water Sailing Magazine.
Sea State Forecasting ebooks
Three classic texts on waves, swells, and sea state forcasting. Long out of print, but still very valuable.
Bosuns Locker
Secondhand books and blemished new books at discount prices, when available
Starpath Elibra ebook cards
Starpath textbooks packaged as ebook gifts.
Rowing into the Son
By Jordan Hanssen

An epic voyage by Starpath students, with many examples of the challenge of ocean rowing navigation and weather tactics.
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Mariners Met Pack-South West Pacific
by Bob McDavitt

The Best Book Available on Southern Hemisphere Weather.
The Wind Came All Ways
by Owen S. Lange

A 'real' weather book. Specialized, but most excellent.
Marine Weather of Western Washington
by Kenneth E. Lilly, Jr.

The definitive treatment of wind and waves in the Pacific Northwest.
Oceanography and Seamanship
by William G. Van Dorn

Covers winds, waves, currents, stability, and more.

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