Emergency Navigation second edition
by David Burch

How to find your position and shape a course to safety with limited or no instruments at all. Second edition, 2008.
Introduction to
Electronic Chart Navigation

by David Burch

A comprehensive guide to electronic chart navigation using vector charts, including an annotated list of ECDIS chart symbols.
Radar For Mariners, Revised Edition
by David Burch

Covers principles and practical use of radar. Used in our online course.
Electronic Chart Symbols
A compilation of nautical chart symbols used on electronic navigational charts (ENC).
Radar Workbook
By David Burch and Larry Brandt

Question and answers on marine radar. Supplement to Radar for Mariners
Inland and Coastal Navigation, 2nd Edition
By David Burch

A thorough, easy-to-read treatment of both traditional and modern small-craft navigation for power and sail.
Navigation Workbook 18465 Tr
By David Burch and Larry Brandt

Realistic, up-to-date practice exercises in all phases of small-craft navigation, power and sail, with excerpts from all required resources provided. Uses training chart 18465 Tr.
Navigation Workbook for Practice Underway
The next step beyond textbook and classroom.
Navigation Workbook 1210 Tr
By David Burch and Larry Brandt

Realistic, up-to-date practice exercises in all phases of small-craft navigation, power and sail, with excerpts from all required resources provided. Uses training chart 1210 Tr.
How to use Plastic Sextants
with Applications to Metal Sextants
and a Review of Sextant Piloting

by David Burch
Optimize your sextant sights, plastic and metal

Tidal Currents of Puget Sound
by NOAA, University of WA Dept. of Oceanography,
and WA Sea Grant

Current Charts plus Tide Prints of Puget Sound.
We the Navigators
By David Lewis

The classic study of Polynesian navigation and early long-distance voyages by sailing canoe.
Sailors Logbook
Ideal logbook for day sails or ocean passages, racing or cruising.
Secrets of the Viking Navigators
by Leif K. Karlsen

A new look at viking navigation, sun stones, and related topics
Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation
by David Burch

Recommended by Kayak instructors, worldwide. New revised 4th edition, from Starpath Publications. Includes detailed coverage of currents and the Nav Rules.
Portneys Ponderables
by Joe Portney

Brain Teasers for Navigators
Robert Peary at the North Pole
By Thomas D. Davies

A Report to the National Geographic Society detailing the first expedition to successfully reach the North Pole.
Burch at the Helm
by David Burch

Articles on Navigation and weather from the pages of Blue Water Sailing Magazine.
Southeast Alaska Current Atlas
by Randel Washburne

The charts in this atlas show scaled arrows marking current speeds and directions at each of the official stations at sequential hours.
Pub. 102, International Code of Signals
Covers visual, sound, and radio communications.
Sea State Forecasting ebooks
Three classic texts on waves, swells, and sea state forcasting. Long out of print, but still very valuable.
Bosuns Locker
Secondhand books and blemished new books at discount prices, when available
Starpath Elibra ebook cards
Starpath textbooks packaged as ebook gifts.
Do-it-yourself Gift Certificates
Select your value then print your own certificate
Nav Rules Flash Cards
A great way to study the Nav Rules.
Notfall Navigation
von David Burch, Peer Reeh & Heinz Ressel
Navigation De Secours
par David Burch, Jean-Yves Guitton & Jean-Philippe Planas.
1851 Bowditch eBook
The complete text and tables of the American Practical Navigator from 1851.
Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road
by Craig H. Allen, Jr and Sr.

Most important guide to the most important book in Navigation
Canadian Current Atlas
Graphical current data for San Juan Islands, E. Juan de Fuca Strait, and the S. Straits of Georgia. The best source available for these regions.
American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)
Bowditch's American Practical Navigator.
The Navigation Rules,
US Inland and International Waters

The official USCG wording, publication COMDTINST MI6672.2D.
Radar Navigation Manual, Pub. 1310
The standard text used in many Radar Navigation Schools
Chart No.1
Nautical Chart Symbols and Abbreviations

13th edition, April 15th, 2019.
Starpath Antique Library
A collection of old books on navigation that we have prepared as ebooks.
Electronic Chart Navigation
by David Burch

Master electronic chart reading with extensive practical exercises

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