Emergency Navigation second edition
by David Burch

How to find your position and shape a course to safety with limited or no instruments at all. Second edition, 2008.
Celestial Navigation, Second Edition
by David Burch

The textbook used in our online and home-study celestial nav course. Covers all aspects of ocean navigation. Also available in Hardcover.
Emergency Navigation Card
8.5 x 11 in, 30 mil laminated vinyl, printed both sides, water resistant.
Navigation Workbook for Practice Underway
The next step beyond textbook and classroom.
Hawaii By Sextant
By David Burch and Stephen Miller

An In-depth Exercise in Celestial Navigation Using Real Sextant Sights and Logbook Entries.
GPS Backup with a Mark 3 Sextant
By David Burch

No power? Batteries used up? This book and a Mark 3 sextant lets you carry on.
Starpath Celestial Navigation Work Forms
By David Burch

For All Sights and Tables, with Complete Instructions and Examples
How to use Plastic Sextants
with Applications to Metal Sextants
and a Review of Sextant Piloting

by David Burch
Optimize your sextant sights, plastic and metal

Stark Tables for Clearing the Lunar Distance
by Bruce Stark

Find GMT from sextant sights and become an expert at cel nav in doing so.
Long Term Almanac
by Dr. Geoffrey Kolbe

Nautical Almanac data for sun and stars valid till 2050
Use of the Air Almanac for Marine Navigation
by David Burch

A detailed and comprehensive look at the Air Almanac and how to use it for navigation at sea.
USCG Cel Nav Notes
Notes on taking the USCG celestial navigation test
1981 Nautical Almanac
1981 Nautical Almananc for use with USCG celestial navigation exam problems.
We the Navigators
By David Lewis

The classic study of Polynesian navigation and early long-distance voyages by sailing canoe.
Sailors Logbook
Ideal logbook for day sails or ocean passages, racing or cruising.
Secrets of the Viking Navigators
by Leif K. Karlsen

A new look at viking navigation, sun stones, and related topics
The Star Finder Book, 3rd ed.
by David Burch

A complete guide to the many uses of the 2102-D star finder. Turns the Star Finder into a hand-held planetarium.
North Star to Southern Cross
by Ray Lanterman and Wil Kyselka

Enlighten your star gazing underway with some mythology, some astronomy, and excellent monthly star maps.
Robert Peary at the North Pole
By Thomas D. Davies

A Report to the National Geographic Society detailing the first expedition to successfully reach the North Pole.
Burch at the Helm
by David Burch

Articles on Navigation and weather from the pages of Blue Water Sailing Magazine.
Bosuns Locker
Secondhand books and blemished new books at discount prices, when available
Starpath Elibra ebook cards
Starpath textbooks packaged as ebook gifts.
Do-it-yourself Gift Certificates
Select your value then print your own certificate
Notfall Navigation
von David Burch, Peer Reeh & Heinz Ressel
Navigation De Secours
par David Burch, Jean-Yves Guitton & Jean-Philippe Planas.
Sight Reduction Tables
Pub. 229, Pub. 249 and NAO Tables available.
1851 Bowditch eBook
The complete text and tables of the American Practical Navigator from 1851.
American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)
Bowditch's American Practical Navigator.
Star Names and Their Meanings ebook
by Richard Hinckley Allen

Everything you ever wanted to know about the name of any star.
Nautical Almanac
USNO Edition

Annual list of star and planet locations plus other data needed for celestial navigation.
Printed Users Guide for StarPilot Calculators
Printed version of the StarPilot Calculator Users Guide

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