An epic voyage by Starpath students

Rowing into the Son
By Jordan Hanssen

Documents the voyage that Starpath was proud to support both in training and then day by day, across the Atlantic and into the Guinness Book of World Records

Starpath copies signed by author Jordan Hanssen.

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From the book cover:

The daring true story of the first North Atlantic Rowing Race, and the endurance needed by a team of companions to row their way to victory across the Atlantic Ocean.

On June 10, 2006, college friends Dylan LeValley, Greg Spooner, Brad Vickers, and Jordan Hanssen stepped into a 29-foot rowboat as the only American competitors in the first North Atlantic Rowing Race, pulling across the northern ocean.

From their first dreams of race planning to heaving through ocean waves, Rowing Into the Son: Four Young Men Crossing the North Atlantic takes the reader along with team Ocean Adventure Racing (OAR) Northwest as they head out from New York Harbor, catch the Gulf Stream current, and make the final dramatic push for the finish line, a narrow 50-mile wide gate at Bishop's Rock Lighthouse off the coast of Cornwall. Hurricane-level winds, giant eddies, passing freighters, flying fish, and sharks are all elements of the journey, and the race comes to a tense head on day 17 with another 55 days to go as the crew realizes their food supplies are running out and they must drastically ration their eating.

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