Radar Navigation Manual, Pub. 1310

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Available as an e-book only, provided here on CD as a convenience to users who do not have access to large downloads by internet. This book is available at no charge from Pub 1310 online via Starpath NavPubs. It is a 22 MB download. The download version does not include the convenient browser interface included on the CD version available here.

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Pub. 1310
This book covers all aspects of radar observing and navigation along with many practice problems in collision avoidance. It is the primary textbook used in professional radar schools throughout the country. It is a government publication (Now called NIMA Pub No. 1310), and as is the case with most government publications in navigation, in spring of 2001 they all increased in price by about a factor of three. This one in paper is now about $40.

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The book is more detailed than many users might care for, but if you do want more practice problems and explanations, then this is quite a resource. If you are preparing for a USCG radar endorsement to your license either initial or renewal then this book would be the one to use with our Radar Trainer ver 2 software for brushing up for that course or test. Note that our Ver 3 Radar Trainer includes a complete searchable copy of this book in pdf format.


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