The Ancient Art of Landfinding in the Pacific

We the Navigators
By David Lewis

Second Edition. 442 Pages. 6" x 9", Published by University of Hawai'i Press.

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This is the classic study of Polynesian navigation by one of the world's greatest sailors and adventurers. It covers sailing canoes as well as navigation. It includes a glossary of Polynesian terms, latitude and longitude of main island groups, and an essay on variation of star position with latitude. Note to mention numerous stories of voyaging experiences and descriptions of his contact with some of the last of the great Polynesian navigators. Everyone with an interest in native navigation will enjoy and benefit from this book.

This book was the primary motivation for our own work in emergency navigation begun in the early 80's, where we extended some these ideas to higher latitudes and developed others.

We are very pleased to have had the friendship of David Lewis over the years, and we remain ever grateful to him for his kind Foreword to our book Emergency Navigation.


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