Compact and effective magnification.

Chart Magnifier

Self-focusing, 2.5 inch diameter, light gathering, 4x power chart magnifier. Gift Boxed. Includes polishing pouch

$25.00   ...item# 1884

Some chart symbols are very small. A rock the size of a car that covers and uncovers with the tide could be an asterisk barely 1 millimeter across, and a rock that is just below the surface could a tiny plus sign also just 1 millimeter across. A piling (dolphin) symbol could be even smaller.

When following the shoreline or entering a strange bay it is only prudent to scan the chart very carefully for any surprises along your proposed route. In low light this is often hard to do even for the best eyes.

This simple, easy to use tool is ideal for this job. Just slide it along the chart for a careful check, or home in on a light characteristic to help identify it.

Note these pictures do not do the item justice. The magnification and light gathering is really quite remarkable in this device.


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