Protective case for Starpilot

Protective case for Starpilot

Protect your StarPilot (86, 89 or Titanium) underway. This rugged, waterproof, and easy-to-use box meets all the needs and fits the StarPilot perfectly. Made of hard plastic with an O-ring seal and foam rubber lining. It is "crush proof" (a truck can run over it) and waterproof to 100 feet depth.

$25.00   ...item# 1865

We carry the all yellow version because it floats, and if it floats away, you want to find it, because with this device and a watch (and a few tips from Emergency Navigation) you can easily find your way to any port in the world without any other instruments and without a compass. See Emergency Nav Booklet for special tips if you have a StarPilot. A printed version on waterproof paper, which fits in the case, is available for $2.50, or download and print your own at no charge.


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