A luxury tool, now at an affordable price

Ten-Point Spacing Dividers

Stainless steel. Six inches tall, opens to 8 inches. Includes a padded, felt-lined, soft-cover case.

Compare to similar tools at $200 to $300.

$99.00   ...item# 1857

6 inches tall
For the navigator who has everything they need... and now desires a bit of real luxury. This tool simply divides any interval into ten equally spaced intervals at a simple opening of the dividers or divides it into 5 equal intervals, or 6, or 3, etc. It is a stainless steel, high quality instrument.

Used for position plotting on small scale charts (such as weather maps), converting seconds scale on a chart to decimal minutes, interpolating depth contours on charts and many other applications. They are especially convenient for plotting positions on weather maps and other weather analysis since the charts show only the 10 parallels.

This tool can also be used to very quickly set up a grid or make graph paper at any chosen decimal scale. If you have such a wonderful tool, you will certainly find many convenient applications for it in the nav station.

Use them for a quick way to read or plot lat and lon on a chart, or mark off distances run.

Here is an example of plotting your position on a weather map to compare pressure readings and to see more precisely where you are relative to nearby systems.

Here we see at a glance that our pressure at the synoptic time should have been 1021 mb if the map is correct. This is a fundamentally important comparison to make at every opportunity.

PS. There are actually 11 points on these 10-point dividers! The name is a traditional one, reflecting its main task of dividing any separation into 10 equal spaces, and for what it is worth, the first point is labeled 0, which does make the other side the 10th labeled point.

A set of ten-points spotted on the desk of working NOAA cartographers...


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