Weems Parallel plotter

Rolling parallel plotter. From Weems and Plath. Clear plastic with black lines.

$29.95   ...item# 1856

3.5 x 12.5 inches
A popular alternative to parallel rulers, designed to roll without sliding. Can also be used to lay off bearing lines without using the chart's compass rose by using the protractor printed on the device. Just align the true course heading on the protractor with the nearest meridian and then roll that direction to where you need it. There has been numerous copies of this device over the years, but none has managed to meet the convenience and function of this, the original design.

Some users have found that placing small rubber o-rings into the grooved sections near the rollers make it easier to use and less likely to slip. For this modification, you need to take the device to a hardware store and try on a few to get the right size.

Also, please note that these tools must be protected. They are fairly fragile with respect to dropping, which will likely crack the plastic right where the metal roller is riveted onto it. Over the years, most of our plotters are cracked this way, although still functional.

See Notes on plotting tools.


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