Parallel Rulers

15 inches long, clear plastic.

$19.95   ...item# 1846

15 inches long
We have used these durable tools for many years. There are fancier versions on the market that cost more, some even much more, and there are several brands that cost about the same but are not nearly as durable. This model is the one we have used for years and recommend. For completeness we mention that these tools come in clear plastic and in black or opaque plastic. We have found the clear easier to use in general. Some navigators have found it useful to mark the leading edges with a permanent black marker (Sharpie brand), which they feel makes it easier to visually align the edges with some line on the chart. If you use dividers to help align the rulers, however, this is not much of a concern. That is, put one point of the dividers into the line you want to use, then slide the parallels up to it, and then rotate them about that fixed point for alignment. Or, put the spread-out divider points each onto the line, and just snug the parallels up to them for alignment.

There are also various lengths of these parallel rulers, from 6 inches up to some 24 inches. We have found that 15 inches is the best compromise. There are also parallels with three rulers rather than two, etc... and on, and on...

See Notes on plotting tools.


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