Davis Mark 25 Plastic Sextant

Sextant weight is 1 lb.
Shipping weight is 10 lbs.

All plastic sextants are inspected at Starpath before shipping.

$350.00   ...item# 1840d25

We recommend the Mark 15 rather than the Mark 25, so we do not stock this item. It is available on Amazon and other outlets.

The difference between this model and the Mark 15 are its lighted dials and a full-view mirror. It is also made from a gray plastic, rather than black plastic used on the Mark 15, but we have no evidence that either plastic is superior in any context. Other specifications and achievable accuracy are the same as the Mark 15.

The light and mirror style are considered enhancements that add value to the instrument, but its price is approaching that of a used metal sextant. The Mark 15 is a better buy if you are looking for the minimum price for a sextant that will look and operate like a conventional metal sextant. Extensive tests we have made show the accuracy and stability of the Mark 25 and the Mark 15 are the same.

The Mark 25 comes with the "full-horizon" mirror as standard. This is not an option on this model, and it is not our first choice for a primary sextant if you will be relying on celestial navigation. See discussion of mirror types. On the other hand, if your goal in practice or underway involves primarily sun sights on days with a very clear distinction between sky color and water color, then this is not an issue and one might even prefer this type of mirror.

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