Fischer Precision Aneroid Barometer

Accuracy: better than or equal ± 0.7 mb (± 0.02 inHg)
Graduation: 0.5 mb and 0.05 inHg
Dial: flat white finish; diameter 5.1"
Units on dial: mb and inches of mercury
Housing Diameter: 6.5"
Weight: 1.6 pounds
Measuring Range: 890 to 1050 mb = 26.30" to 31.00"
For use at elevations below 2,600 ft
(A high elevation model for 2,600 to 6,500 ft is available on request.)

A purchase here includes a free printed copy of The Barometer Handbook by David Burch

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Alternate dials available on request. Click an image for a larger view
Standard Dial
(mb outer, inHg inner)
Milibar Only
(available upon request)
High Elevation
(available upon request)
Barometer Use at Higher Elevations

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Precision aneroid barometers are used for measuring the absolute atmospheric pressure. Because of the excellent instrument properties and dependability an aneroid barometer is indispensable for meteorology, ocean navigation, industry, and research.

The self-stablized set of five aneroid capsules used in this precision instrument are made of a corrosion proof copper-beryllium-alloy. This alloy has been well established for measuring the atmospheric pressure for many years because of its remarkable elastic properties. The aneroid capsules are nearly free of age-hardening, hysteresis, and elastic after-effects.

The influence of temperature on the set of aneroid capsules and the transmission system is compensated by a bimetal arm over the whole measuring range and for temperatures between -30 to +40 °C (-22 to 104 °F). The motion of the aneroid capsule is transmitted to the axle of the pointer by driving a segment and wheel with an excellent fine finish gearing. All bearings also have an excellent fine finish. The Instruments have only a bare minimum of idle friction because of the advantageous shape of the levers and bearings.

To barometer professionals, this is one of the highest quality aneroid barometers in the world. It has been tested at sea for over 70 years, and used by Navies and Weather Services around the world, including the NWS Voluntary Observing Ship program. The double needle design removes parallax error in reading.

The new dials showing both millibars (mb) and inches of mercury have been custom made for American and British users on land and sea. The mb (same as hectoPascals) dial is the international standard for maritime applications.

A certificate of accuracy (view sample) is provided with each instrument. Each has a unique serial number on a metal plate on the top of the instrument. Download color brochure.

Unique free online barometer calibration resource at Go to that page, enter your latitude and longitude and elevation, and it will tell you the 10 closest sources of accurate pressure with a link to each one. There is also an instructions sheet with workforms.

NOTICE! These precision instruments are intended to read accurate station pressure at the site of the barometer. This pressure will always be lower than the sea level pressure that is reported in media and official sources. The offset is a fixed value depending on the elevation. It can be determined for your location at

The adjustment screw on the device is for correcting minor station-pressure drifts of a mb or so over periods of many months. It should not be used to attempt to set the device to match sea level pressure.

Resources for Barometer Use in Marine Navigation

Custom certified calibration service is also available. Detailed info here.

The Fischer Precision Aneroid is used by government and commercial vessels worldwide that count on accurate pressure records. Below is one example from our local international passenger ferry the Victoria Clipper V that runs daily between Seattle, WA and Victoria, BC.


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