To enroll in a Starpath online course

(1) Purchase the course of interest. These are found at

(2) After the purchase you will be immediately sent by email the serial numbers needed for the course materials and tuition.  When you receive your serial numbers there are two final steps to complete.

(3) One is to download and install the course materials. You can do this immediately and be underway in a few minutes with full access to the ebooks and online classroom. Your printed materials will arrive in a few days.

Starpath electronic course materials are Windows based. If you use a Mac computer see Notes on Mac Usage.

Download the appropriate course materials from
Save the setup file to a place you can find, then click the setup file to install the materials, which will put an icon on your desktop. 

The install process will ask you to register the software on the computer you are using. If connected to the Internet this is done automatically with a link provided. Instructions are also provided for registering from a different computer.

(4) The last step is to enroll for the course itself, which is done online at

Starpath Login page

That link provides instructions on how to proceed. If you already have a username and password, use those for enrollment. Otherwise, you will create them in the next step of the process. 

For those with existing usernames, you will then simply be told you are now enrolled, and you can enter the course.  That is done from the Login in page.

If you did not have a username before enrollment, a temporary password will be sent to you by email, which you can then use to login to the course at the Login page.

Once inside of the online classroom there are full instructions for how to proceed with the course.

If there are any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 206-783-1414 or