Starpath books are available in all popular ebook formats for PCs, Macs, or mobile devices.

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Starpath pdf ebooks The pdf format shows exact page layout used in the original print book, with the additional advantage of offering high-resolution color graphics that can be zoomed to see high detail. They are best viewed on a computer or tablet.  For Mac or PC they are read using the Adobe Digital Editions ebook reader. For iPads and Android tablets use BlueFire Reader. A single purchase provides a book that can be read on all platforms: Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android products.
starpath epub ebooks
This is the generic standard for flowing-text ebooks. Font size and style can be reader selected, and the text automatically flows on the display to match the screen size and layout. This format offers the same reading features as the popular Kindle and iBooks, but the books are not restricted to their proprietary distribution.  In iPad and Android tablets use BlueFire Reader. This format can be read in a phone, but the graphics must be panned and zoomed. Works fine in a phablet.
ibooks iBooks format ebooks are designed for Mac computers (running Mavericks OS), iPad, and mini iPad using the iBooks app. These are basically an epub structure (see above) designed and restricted to Apple products. They are readable in an iPhone app, but the images must be zoomed and panned. iPads and Macs are best. A single purchase is automatically available to all your Apple products.
Kindle ebooks are a popular epub format (see above) restricted to Kindle apps and dedicated Kindle readers. They include gifting and loaning features, and convenient transferring of ebooks amongst your Kindle devices.  Kindle ebooks can be read on phone apps,  but the images must be zoomed and panned. Tablets or dedicated reader devices or computers are generally best for technical books with much illustration.
Elibra ebooks are designed for PCs and tablets running Windows (XP...Win10). These are fixed layout pages that reproduce the original book page designs but in color and high resolution. Page size and images can be zoomed for high detail. This is a versatile and efficient format for readers who use Windows computers and devices. Like the pdf format, these are not suitable for phone or other small screen reading.