Master Electronic Chart Navigation with Your Own Charts and Navigation Software

Starpath eNav Trainer

A universal GPS and AIS simulator.
Three vessels for 30 days

Can be run individually
or with partners.

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Navigation program running simulated vessels from Starpath eNav
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Starpath eNav Trainer is a combined GPS and AIS simulator that lets you define AIS traffic (routes, speeds, and class) in any part of the world. Then as this traffic moves across the chart, you can drive your own simulated vessel through the waterway and interact with the traffic as you choose. All of your echart functions will work just as if you were actually there seeing real traffic.

The simulation is delivered in real time over TCP. It can be run in any navigation program that accepts networked NMEA input, and you can run it on any echarts you have loaded into that program, worldwide. Options are available for individual study or for classroom applications.

With this service you can learn, practice, and master the use of your own echart software along any waterway in the world that you choose. You can practice:

• Steering a desired course or track in the presence of current.
• Do electronic position fixes with range and bearing tools to check the GPS.
• Use range and bearing tools for piloting checks on assigned waypoints.
• Identify AIS targets and anticipate their routes.
• Use closest point of approach (CPA) and Time to CPA tools to evaluate collision risk
• Layout routes and drive along them adjusting for current and traffic as needed.
• Turn on live AIS feeds for your area to practice driving through that traffic.
• Learn how your alarms function.
• Learn how your wind data are presented... especially in the presence of current.
• Test ETA and TTG values as a function of heading
• ... and many more.

Videos are available illustrating these training exercises.

This simulation service is available to you 24h, 7 days a week for the full 30 day period. The period begins when you first run the simulation, not from the time of purchase.

Reminder: Be sure to stop your vessels (Anchor or Moor icon in the Control Panel menu) when pausing the simulation or ending a training session—else you will (quite safely in this case!) run aground and have to look for your boat when you start again... or, of course, just restart from the Set up panel.

Full tech support is available as needed to insure this is running properly on your computer. A 30-day webcard is included with the purchase so you can post questions as needed to our Coastal Navigation discussion forum.

Those new to electronic chart navigation (or experienced users who want to hone their skills) will benefit from our new text, which includes a section devoted to crucial training that can only be practiced with a realistic simulator. We can guarantee the value of the book, because there is much practical information in it that simply does not exist elsewhere.


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