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Starpath Software Library

Save 15% ($116) compared to the sum of individual prices, with this complete set of all Starpath electronic training products. Includes 2 year's access to online resources and discussion groups.

$656.00   ...item# 1800

Starpath Software Library

Several people who have purchased the Starpath Software Library package have told us they are new to navigation, or they are refreshing after some time off. They know they need to eventually learn all of the subjects Starpath offers, and hence their choice to take advantage of the special pricing when buying it all at once. But this is a vast amount of material, so the question comes up quickly: How do I best get started with this? These notes are designed to help answer that... Read the full article along with an associated special offer.

The package includes:

  • Weather Trainer Live (one year subscription)
  • Radar Trainer
  • Chart Trainer
  • Nav Rules Trainer
  • Celestial Navigation Course (CD ROM part)
  • Inland and Coastal Navigation Course (CD ROM part + echart CD)
  • Bowditch Plus! (2 CDs)
  • Starpath Perpetual Almanac
  • A way to extend the special
    Several customers of the Library package have asked for an extension to include the printed copies of the course materials—the package special includes the CD versions of the courses, but not the printed versions. To meet this request, we offer to those who have purchased the Library package the opportunity to purchase the complete printed course packages at the greatly discounted price of $40 each ($30 for the Weather Course = Modern Marine Weather text + Marine Weather Workbook).

    If you choose all of these print specials, the overall package saving increases from $116 to $230, but it does add about 9 pounds to the shipping. You can also purchase just one or two of these if you like.

    Add printed Cel Nav course materials to Software Library (Item 1820su, $40)
    Add printed Coastal Nav course materials to Software Library (Item 1822su, $40)
    Add printed Weather course materials to Software Library (Item 1821su, $30)

    Note on packaging
    The Perpetual Almanac is included in the Celestial Nav Course CD, so you actually receive all eight products in a total of 7 (DVD-style) CD cases. The complete programs are all there, just as if they had been purchased separately.

System Requirements:
Any supported version of Windows


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