Ideal resource if you sail both Inland and Coastal waters
and for USCG license exam prep

Annotated Navigation Rules

Paperback, 7"x10", 216 pages

This is a fully illustrated reproduction of the official Rules, Annexes, and all Supplements,
updated with the latest USCG corrections.

ISBN 9780914025436

$29.00   ...item# 1725p

This is a new print edition of a book we had offered previously only in ebook format. It is the full Navigation Rules book, just as would be purchased without annotations, but this one has been carefully annotated to mark all differences between the US Inland Rules and the International Rules (Colregs). The differences are prominently color coded, as shown below.

This new edition also has Annexes and Supplements highlighted where applicable. It is up to date with all recent changes from the USCG including changes in the Demarcation Lines that separate these two waters.

A special thanks to Daniel Cline and Stephen Miller for work on this publication.

Yellow means this Rule on the same subject is different in US Inland vs. International waters.
Orange means the Rule is unique to Inland Rules
Blue means the Rule unique to International Rules
Green means different wording, but no practical difference

Sample Pages

This book is also available in most ebook formats, which can be read on Mac computers and iOS devices. Starpath ebooks

Note: this book now has an errata included that reflects changes in the Inland Rules. See: The New Inland Navigation Rules. This affects three of the Inland Rules. There are no changes to the International Rules (Colregs). See also this very convenient online presentation of the Rules (Starpath Pocket NavRules Handbook) we have made to also help denote distinctions between Inland and International Rules, as well as providing a quick access to all Rules.

Also Available:

The Starpath NavRules App
for iPhone and iPad.


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