Special tools for special tasks

Specialty Tool Pack

Tools for efficient plotting of special tasks

Package purchase saves 15% of individual prices.

$200.00   ...item# 1602

Pencil Dividers $29.00
10-Point Dividers $125.00
2 Navigation Triangles $12.99 each
3-Arm Protractor $29.95

Everything that these tools do, can be done with the standard tools of marine navigation (Navigator's Tool Pak), but each of these can do a specific task in a more efficient manner.

The triangles, for example, can plot accurate bearing lines and course lines more easily than parallel rulers or rolling plotters, because they have a bigger compass scale, but you can get perfectly good accuracy from these other tools with careful use.

The pencil dividers draw circles, but you can also draw circles with the speed bow dividers in the other pak by replacing a steel point with a pencil lead. This tool just makes it faster and lets you draw larger circles.

The three-arm protractor is most often used for doing high-accuracy position fixes using horizontal sextant angles. Our textbook, however, shows several other solutions to this plotting problem, it is just that this tool makes it much faster.

Ten-point dividers divide any increment up into smaller, equally spaced divisions. This task comes up frequently in marine navigation and weather map reading, but again, our textbooks teach several plotting techniques that do the same job. This tool just makes this frequent task very much faster and more convenient. You can also use this for fast reading and plotting chart positions, but again, there are other ways to do it.


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